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Clifton Greenfirst session…

The session started with a short video on bicycle safety (As you do!!) We paused at a marker point on the video and let the children pick out their own bikes which we had provided before re-starting the video, The reason for this was intentional as the next part of the video was about making sure that the bicycle was the right size before you ride!! So as you can imagine there was some shuffling around and changing of bikes which was engaging and helped the children apply what they were learning. Once the video had concluded we ran through a worksheet to reiterate the importance of staying safe. The session finished off in traditional school style by setting some homework. Most of the children were probably hoping that an outside group taking the class might not have had any. Sadly they were mistaken. The task at hand was simple, we asked them to design helmets using a pre-printed template printed and made it into a competition. The winner is going to be announced in assembly at the end of the course!


Session number two…

So Thursday had come back to Clifton Green primary, it came around in no time and it was time to kick off session number two. Today was the 6/3/20 and things were starting to take shape. It was time to fix a flat tyre, which isn’t actually “fixing the tyre” It’s an inner tube that sits underneath the tyre that holds the air, arguably the most common place to find fault on a bicycle. Four words to describe a punctured inner tube, Irritating, inconvenient and time consuming. All it takes is a sharp object toClifton Green pass through the wall of the tyre and your in trouble. To fix the problem is very simple, if you know what you’re doing. We explained to the class that the tyre and inner tube are two different things that work together. We finished explaining some of the key things to check when replacing an inner tube followed by a demonstration. After that it was time to let the class have a go…

School Work

Ash, seen here, one of the teachers at the school got stuck in too. I’m not sure who was enjoying themselves more, the grown ups or the kids taking part! Everyone managed to complete the task and really enjoyed it. Hopefully in the future they will be able to apply this new found skill to their own bicycle.

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