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Bikes from £50 for students in york

Students MUST take advantage of our services here at Recycle. If you’re a student in York and are looking for affordable transport, look no further. We have bikes for all budgets and we also sell accessories too, these include the essentials, like lights, locks and helmets.
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Students can take advantage of our bundles (see below) and get everything you need. Don’t risk buying privately and forking out for expensive repair bills when all our bikes come serviced with a 60 day guarantee. We are friendly and welcoming to everyone and anyone. If you’ve already got a bike but need some repairs, our workshop will get your bike up and running in no time!

helpful guide to buying a bike.

Students… Save yourself time!

how we support the university & students in York

sponsorship for students

We understand that your studies and the opportunities while at universities count/ That’s why we help and support our students where we can! We donate bikes, service bikes and educate people on what’s best for their cycle before, during and after their purchase with us. 

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Shop on campus

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Boys Football team

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Need some accessories?

Student discount

Discount available on our accessories, set out in three bundle deals. We have our student bundles available all year round, the cost you see includes fitting and will be done as soon as the purchase is made or at your next convenience.

Lock, Lights, Kick stand, Bell! For only £30 (RRP £44.99)

As above plus mudguards fitted. For only £45 (RRP £45.98)

Bundles as above plus helmet. For only £55 (RRP £79.97)

Need some items to kit out your house?

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