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Bike sales

At reCycle York we like simplicity

We are York’s expert in second-hand bike sales. Whether its piecing together your own new beast or getting your child on the road for the first time, our team is there to support you.

The Recycle promise

Firstly, all the bikes we sell, come with our satisfaction guarantee and to support this, our sales team will always offer the best advice and help you find the right bike.


All the bikes we sell, come with our satisfaction guarantee. Our sales team will always offer the best advice and help you find the right bike.

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What you need to know about us:

During busy periods we operate a deposit system. Firstly, due to high demand for our bike sales, it may be required for you to pay a holding fee while we get your bike road ready and up to our high standard of expectations. This ensures us to be ready for the hand-over when you come in to test it.

Secondly, the deposit is only £10. Moreover, once we have serviced your bike, we will invite you in for a test ride and as long as you are 100% satisfied, you pay the outstanding balance and ride away your new and trusty steed.

Most common bike sales

While we understand that finding the right bike for the right purpose is key, following through customer feedback and many years experience, we have identified that the high end bikes priced at £150-£200 are our biggest sellers.

£50-100 budget bikes
£100-£150 Mid-range bikes
£150-£200 high end bikes
£200+ top end bikes

Previous bike sales

Take at look at our recycled bikes sales

Let’s take a look at some examples of the bikes we have sold over the past few months. While we have sold a wide selection of adults, kids, ladies and gents. We can confirm that there is a high turnover of bikes and our stock moves very quickly. This means, the best way for you to get yours, is to visit our store. We currently sell between 50-70 bikes each week and refresh our stock daily.

Hybrid Bike

While a hybrid is a combination of two different style of bikes. It is most commonly known as a ‘road bike with flat handlebars’. This concept has been adapted to fit across any two styles of bikes. Which is why they are the best selling bikes.

Town Bike

Although town bikes are more about comfort than speed, they offer a comfy riding position and are designed to be used on a smooth riding, flat surface. Basically, they are perfect for inner-city commutes!

Road Bike

Road bikes are designed for speed. This is because their slick tires and drop handlebars give you an aerodynamic edge. Meaning that they are used on longer commutes on the road.

Mountain Bike

Primarily, mountain bikes are usually used as off-road bikes. This is because, they have chunky tire tread and sometimes suspension frame and forks. This means, they are designed to absorb the impact of more challenging terrain. Which makes a mountain bike is a robust solution to your every day needs.

Kids Bike

Kids bikes come in all styles. The definition of a kids bike is usually any bike up to a 24” wheel. The key factor is height (between 4’ 2″ and 4’ 9″), this is generally is a child up to 11 years old.

Other Bikes

There is a vast selection of other bikes on the market, this increases annually due to innovation and new technology so keep your eyes peeled because you never know, our guys are wizards when it comes to building bikes. There have been some incredible creations over the years!

We can build anything

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