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our repairs plans


£ 20
  • Setting up or tuning up the gears.
  • Inflating innertubes to correct pressure.
  • Tuning up the brakes (Non Disc)
  • Checking all components are tightened.
  • Oiling and cleaning the drivetrain.
  • Making recommendations for the future.

Medium Servce

£ 50
  • All basic service features included
  • Plus:
  • X2 Brake cables (inners)
  • X2 Gear cables (inners)
  • Front and rear brake blocks replaced
  • Please note note disc brake pads are not included.

Full Service

£ 80
  • Basic & medium services included with headset, wheels and other major components
  • Wheels trued with up to 3 spoke replacements (additional charges)
  • Brake & gear cables (outers)
  • ALL components inspected and tested

All You Need To Know

Other bike repairs

Disclaimer: Due to the nature and complexities of their service requirements, we DO NOT service or repair ELECTRIC BIKES (unless agreed otherwise, inner tube replacement etc).

Keep safe with serviced brakes! Our mechanics fit and fix all brake types inc hydraulic + Hub. Prices may increase for these types of brakes, due to quality of components and extended labour times required to replace/fix them correctly.

  • Inner  cable (Fitted) £7.50
  • Outer cable  (Fitted) £7.50
  • Brake Inner & Outer (Fitted) £12.50
  • Pads (Fitted) from £10.00
  • Hydraulic disc brake bleed from £25
  • Replacement hydraulic disc brake sets (F + R) from £59.99

If your “gears are slipping” checkout the drivetrain menu below. We will work on all brands/types of gearing, the older the better, the newer the more expensive. ALL prices exclude Chainguards, HUB brakes and HUB gears, please ask a member of staff for an estimated quote if your bike has one or more of the listed exclusions.

  • Inner Cable (Fitted) £10.00
  • Outer Cable (Fitted) £10.00
  • Gear Inner & Outer (Fitted) £15.00
  • Front Derailleur (Fitted) from £25.00
  • Rear Derailleur (Fitted) from £25.00

Putting pressure on your pedals and getting a horrible clunking? It’s probably your drivetrain that needs to be replaced. It’s usually recommended to replace the drive train as a whole, however this isn’t always necessary.
We also stock other brands such as SHIMANO and SRAM.


SUNRACE-5 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £44.99

SUNRACE-6 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £47.99

SUNRACE-7 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £49.99

SUNRACE-8 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £59.99


SHIMANO-5 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £52.98

SHIMANO-6 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £54.99

SHIMANO-7 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £57.99


SUNRACE-7 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £49.99

SUNRACE-8 Speed Chain + Cassette (F69.itted) £54.99

SUNRACE-9 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £62.98

SUNRACE-10 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £80.00

SUNRACE-11 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £100.00


SHIMANO-7 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £52.99

SHIMANO-8 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £57.99

SHIMANO-9 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £69.98

SHIMANO-10 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £84.99

SHIMANO-11 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £94.99

HUB GEARS – Job will be priced on a physical inspection in store, prices may vary for new and used components.

​Fixing/replacing a bottom bracket can often be a time consuming job. The price will vary based on labour time, shell/axle shape or length. Please ask a member of staff for a more accurate quote.

  • Square Taper from £35.00
  • Spline from £30.00
  • Hollow tech from £35.00

Our wheel builder is a master when it comes to diagnosing and fixing wheel faults. Within our workshop we can tune up most types of wheels and straighten out those buckles. We can even save the rim by replacing the axel if needs be! Whatever your wheel needs we can help.

  • Innertube replacements from £10.00
  • Front wheel true (From) £10.00
  • Rear wheel true (From) £15.00
  • Spoke (Single) 50p
  • Wheel axle replacement (From) £15.00
  • Wheel bearing replacement (From) £15.00
  • Wheel Build from £50

We sell new and second hand wheels.

  • Front wheels from £10.
  • Rear wheels from £25.

We sell new and used tyres, some sizes we may have to order and price individually. 

  • Second hand tyres from £5.00
  • Brand new tyres from £14.99

Most of the prices above include a labour charge, please ask for further information.

We charge a rate of £25/hr.

If your bicycle has either chainguard HUB gears or disc brakes you will need to see a member of staff to get a more accurate quote please Contact Us


repairs on bikes discussion in the workshop

 If we haven’t mentioned what is wrong with your bike… fill out this form and send us an email with what is wrong and we will get back to you within 2 working days!

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