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Need a bike service or repairs?

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our repair plans


£ 30
  • Setting up or tuning up the gears.
  • Inflating innertubes to correct pressure.
  • Tuning up the brakes (Non Disc)
  • Checking all components are tightened.
  • Oiling and cleaning the drivetrain.
  • Making recommendations for the future.

Medium Servce

£ 60
  • All basic service features included
  • Plus:
  • X2 Brake cables (inners)
  • X2 Gear cables (inners)
  • Front and rear brake blocks replaced
  • Please note note disc brake pads are not included.

Full Service

£ 120
  • Basic & medium services included with headset, wheels and other major components
  • Wheels trued with up to 3 spoke replacements (additional charges)
  • Brake & gear cables (outers)
  • ALL components inspected and tested

thousands of products not listed

Replacement parts pricelist

At Recycle York, we provide an extensive range of replacement parts for your bike. With thousands of options available, all sourced from reputable suppliers of new parts, you can trust the quality of our offerings. Moreover, we offer meticulously reconditioned parts that undergo thorough inspection and restoration to ensure excellent condition.

Whether you’re in the market for a brand-new part or prefer a cost-effective reconditioned option, we’ve got you covered for all types and models of bikes. Explore our vast inventory to discover the perfect component to keep your bike in top shape and running smoothly. With our commitment to quality and variety, Recycle York is your one-stop destination for all your bike part needs.

Labor Guidelines

Explore the visual breakdown of our average labor costs associated with each replacement part below, providing you with an estimate of the overall repair expense inclusive of labor. At Recycle York, we aim for efficiency in our services, though unforeseen challenges may arise, particularly when dealing with older models.

For a quick and engaging overview of repair costs, check out our bike emoji chart! Each bike emoji symbolizes 1/3rd of an hour of work, with an approximate cost of £12 for one bike, £24 for two bikes, and £35 for three bikes. This fun and informative chart allows you to get a rough idea of the associated labor costs for your specific repair needs.

Get a rough idea of repair costs with our fun bike emoji chart!
One hours labor = £35. Each bike represents 1/3 of an hour of work.
🚲 = 1/3rd hour    Approx:  🚲 = £12     🚲 🚲 = £24     🚲 🚲 🚲 = £35

Keep safe with serviced brakes! Our mechanics fit and fix all brake types inc hydraulic + Hub. Prices may increase for these types of brakes, due to quality of components and extended labour times required to replace/fix them correctly.

  • Inner -cable  £4 – 🚲
  • Outer-cable  £4 (1M) – 🚲
  • V-Brake Pads (Set) £7.00 – 🚲
  • Disc Brake pads (Set) from £10 – 🚲🚲
  • Hydraulic disc brake bleed from £16 – 🚲🚲

If your “gears are slipping” checkout the drivetrain menu below. We will work on all brands/types of gearing, the older the better, the newer the more expensive. ALL prices exclude Chainguards, HUB brakes and HUB gears, please ask a member of staff for an estimated quote if your bike has one or more of the listed exclusions.

  • Inner Cable  £4 – 🚲
  • Outer Cable  (1M) £4 – 🚲
  • Front Derailleur from £5.00 – 🚲🚲
  • Rear Derailleur  from £10.00 – 🚲🚲


We sell new and used tyres, some sizes we may have to order and price individually. 

  • Second hand tyres from £5
  • Brand new tyres from £17


26” (Budget) £7.00 – 🚲

27.5” (Budget) £7.00 – 🚲

28” (Budget) £7.00 – 🚲

700c long valve (Budget) £7.00 – 🚲

29” (Budget) £7.00 – 🚲

Innertube replacements (within the hour) from £15.00 – 🚲

Hub gears from £18.00 – 🚲🚲

Enclosed chain guard +£5.00 – 🚲🚲

Putting pressure on your pedals and getting a horrible clunking? It’s probably your drivetrain that needs to be replaced. It’s usually recommended to replace the drive train as a whole, however this isn’t always necessary.
We also stock other brands such as SHIMANO and SRAM.


SUNRACE-5 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £44.99 – 🚲

SUNRACE-6 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £47.99 – 🚲

SUNRACE-7 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £49.99 – 🚲

SUNRACE-8 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £59.99 – 🚲

SHIMANO-5 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £52.98 – 🚲

SHIMANO-6 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £54.99 – 🚲

SHIMANO-7 Speed Chain + Freewheel (Fitted) £57.99 – 🚲


SUNRACE-7 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £49.99 – 🚲

SUNRACE-8 Speed Chain + Cassette (F69.itted) £54.99 – 🚲

SUNRACE-9 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £62.98 – 🚲

SUNRACE-10 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £80.00 – 🚲

SUNRACE-11 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £100.00 – 🚲

SHIMANO-7 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £52.99 – 🚲

SHIMANO-8 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £57.99 – 🚲

SHIMANO-9 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £69.98 – 🚲

SHIMANO-10 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £84.99 – 🚲

SHIMANO-11 Speed Chain + Cassette (Fitted) £94.99 – 🚲

HUB GEARS – Job will be priced on a physical inspection in store, prices may vary for new and used components.

Fixing/replacing a bottom bracket can often be a time consuming job. The price will vary based on labour time, shell/axle shape or length. Please ask a member of staff for a more accurate quote.

  • Square Taper from £35.00 – 🚲
  • Spline from £30.00 – 🚲
  • Hollow tech from £35.00 – 🚲
  • Inner Cable  £4 – 🚲
  • Outer Cable  (1M) £4 – 🚲
  • Front Derailleur from £5.00 – 🚲
  • Rear Derailleur  from £10.00 – 🚲

All prices above require labor charges. Below you can find what the rates are:

  • 15 Mins £8.75 
  • 30 Mins £17.50 
  • 45 Mins £26.25 
  • 1 Hr £35.00 

Labor on repairs... explained

The duration of labor charges assigned to each repair can significantly vary. Consider, for instance, a standard mountain bike inner-tube change/repair, which typically takes only 10 minutes and requires minimal expertise. In contrast, an inner-tube replacement for a bike equipped with hub brakes and a chain guard will take approximately 45 minutes and necessitate the skills of an experienced technician.

These labor durations must be added to the cost of the part you need to replace, making the pricing of a job quite intricate. With the multitude of variables we need to account for, determining an accurate job cost becomes a nuanced task. At Recycle York, we navigate through these complexities to provide transparent and fair pricing for your unique repair needs.

not all repairs are listed

Other bike repairs

At Recycle York, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing comprehensive repairs and services for bicycles of all types, regardless of their age or brand. From vintage classics to cutting-edge models, our skilled technicians are not only equipped but also passionate about tackling any repair challenge that comes their way.

Recognizing that each bike possesses unique quirks and characteristics, we thrive on working with quirky bikes that others may find challenging. Whether it’s a wonky wheel, a stubborn chain, or a mysterious noise, our dedicated team is committed to restoring your beloved two-wheeler to its optimal condition.

Trust us with your bike repairs, and you’ll soon experience the joy of riding smoothly once again. At Recycle York, we go beyond fixing bikes – we revive the thrill of your cycling adventures.

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Disclaimer: Due to the nature and complexities of their service requirements, we DO NOT offer service or repairs for ELECTRIC BIKES (unless agreed otherwise, inner tube replacement etc).

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