Brownlee Brothers!!

Brownlee Brothers

In July 2017, we asked the pupils of St Lawrence’s school to help create a cycle safety poster. Everyone got involved and the best 12 were sent to be judged. We wanted someone with Yorkshire blood, who had true grit and loved cycling. The purple man in Stonegate said no, so we asked the Olympic heroes, Jonny and Alistar Brownlee. They kindly chose year 6 pupil Laudi Maisha as the winner and her design was turned into a safety poster to help encourage more awareness to young cyclists. The brothers praised us for our work and we in turn invited them to pop in and see us in the future. So far, no sign, maybe because they’ve heard about our top mechanic Luke. You wouldn’t believe the speed in which he sprints to the shop for his lunch, then cycles back on the bike he forgot he went on the day before. We won’t even mention how fast he can get out of the Foss every time he falls in. Bring it on #lukeversusthebrownlees

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