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York Cycle Campaign - Who are they?
What do they do and how do they help cycling in York?

An introduction to the York Cycle Campaign

Originally founded in the 1980’s, the York Cycle Campaign stands as an advocate for cycling and an agent of change in the urban landscape of York, England. This volunteer-driven organization is deeply committed to advancing the cause that is very close to our hearts… cycling. They not only see it as as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation but also as a means of enhancing the overall quality of life in the city and its surrounding areas.

With an unwavering dedication to the promotion of cycling, the York Cycle Campaign tirelessly works to encourage and inspire individuals to embrace cycling as a viable choice for daily commuting, recreation, and exercise though various events, workshops and strategies. Simultaneously, the campaign passionately advocates for significant improvements in cycling infrastructure throughout York, envisioning a city where cycling is safe, accessible, and convenient for all.

Working to improve cycling infrastructure in York


On their mission to empower people to take their foot of the petrol pedal and get your pedal to a different metal and take to the roads. They not only endeavour to improve what cyclists have available in York, like suitable cycle lanes and access to areas required to commute effectively but also track and attend council meetings to put forward their cases and work to collaborate with local authorities to bring around the much needed change for cyclists in York. 

Kidical Mass 2023 - over 200 cyclists took to the streets of York

In September, on a beautiful Atumnal morning, over 200 cyclists riding a plethora of different cycles flodded the streets of York in an effort to drive awareness of the changes required in York. The York Cycle Campaign wrote on their website about the event: “The riders set off from Hungate Reading Rooms café at 10:00am on the 26th September, riding via Goodramgate, York Minster and Lendal Bridge. 

Nearly 200 people rode all kinds of cycles including recumbents, trikes and a varied collection of utility bikes, cargo-bikes and trailers, some carrying young children while others rode their own bikes. Riders rang bike bells, blew whistles and playing bicycle-themed music as they went.” You can read the full blog post about their Kidical Mass 2023 event here.

The York Cycling Campaign has put together a document that has been distrubted throughout the city. It highlights the changes and neccessary steps that could be done to help make the required updates to York more cycle friendly. This will hopefully help people, the community and local authorities alike, to adapt a new way of thinking and planning the road and paths to incoroporate a deeper and more certified infrastructure that promotes alternative methods of transportation. 

As this is a cause very close to our hearts we would encourage you to take the time and have alittle read through their website and see exactly how it is that they are helping our beautiful city reduce the amount of traffic and emissions by driving awareness for positive change for cyclists. You can even join and become an individual or corporate member and directly support the cause and contribute to the changes you want to see made throughout our city.