Grand Opening!

What a fantastic launch day we had, where to start with what went on?

Minster FM was of course there, broadcasting live all day and two of the guys decided to get involved
with our treasure hunt. Basically, we got two teams and sent them around York on bikes, looking for
clues and performing tasks. Lots of fun was had by all and it literally came down to the wire, with both
teams getting back at the same time and racing to make a trophy from recycled products.

Let’s just say, some cheating had gone on by both teams so we decided to call it a draw. To be fair, this only came to light after the Lord Mayor, Dave Taylor had presented the trophy and team captain, James Mulhearn,
made a statement that had a similarity to Ben Johnson’s 1988 Olympic medal-winning speech which
went like this “An Olympic Gold medal is something no one can take away from me” well just like Ben,
James was wrong as well.

Enough of the controversial bike challenge, what else was going on? Well, the local police turned up to
security mark peoples bikes and we had a tombola, which along with all other money raised that day, went to St Leonard’s hospice. Games, competitions and face painting also added to the fun. A huge amount of burgers and sausages were cooked and eaten by Daz, sorry, that should say “a huge
amount of burgers and sausages were eaten, all cooked to perfection, by Daz” A big thanks from everyone who was very grateful. Many other volunteers also gave their time freely that day and we would like to say a huge thank you to them all. Thanks also to everyone who came along and supported us, we really do appreciate your help in making us the number one bike shop in York

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