Bikes For Africa


Okay, so it may not be on Bob Geldof scale but Re-cycle York has done their bit donating bikes for Africa. We’re currently loading up 500 bikes to send to Nigeria, these are going to be used all around the country in villages desperate for help with transport. This is a scheme that makes us very proud to be involved with and couldn’t do it without your input. It’s mostly down to the success of the bike rescue project we run, that provides the bikes we need. Please, keep your donations coming and help us to benefit so many lives.

Bikes For Africa

We plan on increasing our on going support and scaling the business to maximize the amount of bikes we can get for Africa. The things they can do with bikes is just amazing. Turning old rusty, unloved bikes into daily commuters. As the terrain is fairly rough the old mountain bikes are always in high demand. These communities recycle not just bikes, but clothes, engine parts and anything that can be used again. Even when we in the west have condemned them beyond use. This way of living is life and death and the fact we can help contribute to their life, really makes you wonder what more could be done to really help everyone get out of poverty.

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